Definition of trophoblastic in US English:



  • See trophoblast

    • ‘Multiple gestation, gestational trophoblastic disease, triploidy, trisomy 21 syndrome, and hydrops fetalis have been associated with an increased incidence of hyperemesis gravidarum.’
    • ‘Young women may very rarely develop a malignant trophoblastic tumor, presumably derived from ectopic germ cell tissue.’
    • ‘We selected principally trophoblastic placental tissue with no signs of calcification, avoiding the decidua basalis and corionic plate.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, one version of this suggestion, the ovarian time bomb hypothesis, explicitly envisages an individual-level cost of parthenogenesis, namely ovarian trophoblastic disease.’
    • ‘The vascular endothelium was destroyed by villous proliferation and trophoblastic invasion in this vessel.’