Definition of trolley dolly in US English:

trolley dolly


  • A flight attendant.

    • ‘A group of experienced female flight attendants are taking the company to the Anti-Discrimination Board over the stereotype of the youthful trolley dolly.’
    • ‘A new book reveals the secret lives of the so-called trolley dollies and flight deck crew on long haul trips.’
    • ‘They should fit reading lights above each seat to enable you to flick through a magazine in the dull bits, and have trolley dollies dishing out those cute little cognac miniatures.’
    • ‘The airline objected because the blog, a fictionalised account of trolley dolly life, included a couple of shots of Simone in her uniform.’
    • ‘One minute they're called flight attendants, the next minute they want to be called stewardesses, cabin managers, trolley dollies and I don't know what else.’
    • ‘For most of us, flying is a chore, and never more so than in those long minutes during take-off and landing when we are belted into our seats and held there by the withering gaze of the trolley dolly.’
    • ‘Indeed, while I was there, angry workers marched through the streets of Dublin to protest at the airline's plans to cut 2500 jobs - complete with placard-waving trolley dollies chanting ‘Leave our jobs alone!’.’