Definition of trolley car in English:

trolley car


  • A passenger vehicle powered by electricity obtained from an overhead cable by means of a trolley wheel.

    Also called streetcar
    • ‘I love the small commercial nodes left behind by the vanished trolley car system - you can tell where the cars used to stop, because there's always some old brick buildings from the 20s crowding the corners.’
    • ‘Before Japan colonized Korea in 1910, Seoul was the first city in east Asia to have electricity, trolley cars, a water system, telephones, and telegraphs.’
    • ‘The speed of the early trolley cars also seemed reassuringly low and until the late 1890s they rarely exceeded 12 m.p.h.’
    • ‘Here new mixes with old, and you can rediscover the joy of exploring on foot and riding efficient trolley cars.’
    • ‘A tourist trolley car was the only operating piece of equipment this day, and they were using the old train depot on the north side of the property for all boardings.’
    • ‘After a gap of 40 years, the trolley car is to return to Shanghai.’
    • ‘You will enjoy a trolley car ride to Chinatown or Fisherman's Wharf.’
    • ‘They would see their transportation evolve from walking and horse power to steam-powered locomotives, to electric trolley cars, to gasoline-powered automobiles.’
    • ‘The background has been completely blacked out, so the trolley car has almost the appearance of a toy, although it is clearly not.’
    • ‘Despite the depression, then the outbreak of war, the world he grows up in is idyllically stable and becalmed, ‘a comic strip version of American reality’, with friendly mailmen and clanging trolley cars and peanut-butter crackers.’
    • ‘Every time I had a chance and a dime for the roundtrip trolley car fare, I went to LaGuardia Airport.’
    • ‘It could easily be reached by trolley car and all sides of the camp could be easily seen from the outside.’
    • ‘In 1925, when she was 18, she was riding a bus in Mexico City when it was struck by a trolley car.’
    • ‘At the age of 18 Frida is the victim of a horrific trolley car accident, which leaves her crippled and in debilitating pain for the rest of her life.’
    • ‘You can almost hear the squealing brakes and clanging bells of the trolley cars outside the courtroom as the crowd swells.’
    • ‘While she tried to conserve money by walking rather than riding on trolley cars, she worried about people's perceptions of her frugality.’
    • ‘We rode buses, trolley cars, trains, trams, ferries and took a cab to make our way there and back.’
    • ‘With a trolley car stop in front of the bar and a Long Island Rail Road stop behind it, the bar and grill was ‘a very busy little place’.’


trolley car

/ˈträlē kär//ˈtrɑli kɑr/