Definition of Trojan asteroid in US English:

Trojan asteroid


  • An asteroid belonging to one of two groups which orbit the sun at the same distance as Jupiter, at the Lagrangian points roughly 60 degrees ahead of it and behind it.

    • ‘These are the Trojan asteroids, each one locked in its solar orbit by the gravity of Jupiter and the Sun.’
    • ‘A so-called Trojan asteroid, which forms a triangle with Jupiter and the sun, moves according to such a scheme.’
    • ‘There are two groups of Trojan asteroids, both sharing Jupiter's orbit.’
    • ‘Obviously you'll know the names of the planets, and you probably know where the Kuiper Belt is, and where the Trojan asteroids are.’
    • ‘These trapped bodies are known as the Trojan asteroids.’


Early 20th century: so named because the first asteroids discovered were named after heroes of the Trojan War.