Definition of tritone in US English:



  • An interval of three whole tones (an augmented fourth), as between C and F sharp.

    • ‘After the conclusion of the exposition in bar 182, Mozart needs only nine bars to reach the key of B minor - at the interval of a tritone.’
    • ‘Open fifths, fourths and tritones, modality and whole-tone scales abound.’
    • ‘The musical space of the tritone B-E# is slowly explored throughout the work, being filled in by pivotal steps of a minor third, against the implied cycles of the fifths around B and F minors.’
    • ‘The piece has an extremely haunting ending, an epilogue that reflects the prologue of alternating canons, consisting of a twelve tone row and based exclusively on minor seconds and tritones.’
    • ‘It also sounds heavily dissonant due to tone clusters and many tritones.’