Definition of tritheism in US English:



  • (in Christian theology) the doctrine of or belief in the three persons of the Trinity as three distinct gods.

    • ‘Either modalism or tritheism is the natural egress for such a sustained understanding.’
    • ‘In the English Church the error of tritheism was revived by Dean Sherlock in his ‘Vindication of the Doctrine of the Holy and ever Blessed Trinity,’ 1690.’
    • ‘If used to designate eternal distinctions in God, it leads to tritheism, which is a form of polytheism.’
    • ‘According to tritheism, on the other hand, the divine persons are each distinct individual persons which are so closely related that they together count as a single thing in some fashion.’
    • ‘Any use of three identical human figures, although accepted by the Eastern Church in memory of Abraham's three angelic visitors, was prohibited in the West because of its suggestions of tritheism.’