Definition of trishaw in US English:



  • A light three-wheeled vehicle with pedals, used in East Asia.

    • ‘Twenty-four hours later, as the train slows outside Mogaung, I hop off, run down a dirt road, and leap into the first trishaw I see.’
    • ‘If you come sometime, I will give you a ride in my trishaw, which is my job when I am not in school.’
    • ‘Once there, all that one needs to do is get into the trishaw, a popular mode of transport in the historical town, and sip the local drink, Cendol while getting to see the local attractions.’
    • ‘I slide into the flow of tasseled trishaws, pedestrians, clicking bicycles.’
    • ‘Penang's main town, George Town has colonnaded streets of Chinese and Indian shophouses that demand thorough exploration by foot or trishaw.’
    • ‘Pickets threw crude bombs at police and passing vehicles, including slow-moving trishaws, during the strike, disrupting normal life and economic activity in Dhaka and other urban areas across country.’
    • ‘We turned up the next morning with a trishaw filled with pots, pans, boxes of food, jerry cans of water and mosquito nets.’
    • ‘The other day I took an elderly Australian couple on a trishaw ride around an area we call the Gulshan.’
    • ‘Here, they should experience Hua Hin by night with a trishaw ride.’
    • ‘That night, to reduce suspicion, I decide to go drinking with the trishaw drivers.’
    • ‘Traffic in Banda Aceh, home to 400,000 people, was busy as motorized trishaws bajaj competed with cars and motorbikes for space.’
    • ‘We visited the small town of Katha, where trishaws are the only high-tech transport available, and a perfect way to see the sights.’
    • ‘They're all sitting at home,’ says Sharath, a trishaw driver.’
    • ‘In addition to the usual events, motor cars modified up to 1000 cc and trishaw events are introduced for this year's road races.’
    • ‘Pedal-powered trishaws still ply the streets.’


1940s: from tri- ‘three’ + ricksha.