Definition of Triple Alliance in US English:

Triple Alliance


  • A union or association between three powers or states, in particular that made in 1668 between England, the Netherlands, and Sweden against France, and that in 1882 between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy against France and Russia.

    • ‘In April 1668, Sweden joined the anti-French Triple Alliance with Holland and Britain.’
    • ‘Germany signed a secret alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy, thus creating a Triple Alliance.’
    • ‘Against the combined threat of France and Russia the Triple Alliance with Austria and Italy, though renewed in February 1887, was not enough for German security.’
    • ‘In 1882 Italy entered the Triple Alliance with Austria and Germany.’
    • ‘In 1915 Italy turned from the Triple Alliance to make a treaty with Britain, France, and Russia.’


Triple Alliance

/ˈtripəl əˈlīəns/