Definition of trip-hop in US English:



  • A style of dance music, usually slow in tempo, that combines elements of hip-hop and dub reggae with softer, more ambient sounds.

    • ‘We never set out to make Big Beat records or trip hop records or smash house.’
    • ‘Long, slow trip hop electronic groovery in the classic title song of his latest album sets up long and twisted but memorable melodic phrases.’
    • ‘Initially, our common link was a love of drum & bass and trip hop, but we came from completely different places.’
    • ‘The first, which I call transcorporate musicianship, is found in ambient techno or trip hop.’
    • ‘They've made albums of deep electronic house music, sub-aquatic trip hop, tooth-rattling electro, and often combined the above rather effortlessly.’
    • ‘This album starts with four track recordings made in his front room, before drifting through punky political reggae and dub to techno and trip hop.’
    • ‘Everything from tribal sounds, acid jazz, trip hop, and drone rock can be heard throughout the three albums.’
    • ‘Order a steak, tune in to that trendy trip hop and soak up a classy laid back vibe.’
    • ‘Part trip hop, jungle and ambient, they've added a middle eastern take to their voyage, filling out lush soundscapes with talking drums, violins and the occasional accordion to spice a generous mix of all things mellow.’
    • ‘Breathe On Me has a European, trip hop feel to it.’
    • ‘The album is laced with acoustic instruments (a mix of live playing and samples) placed over a backdrop of seamless ambient electronics and soft trip hop grooves, with chilled jazzy undertones throughout.’
    • ‘Techstep, deep minimal techno, trip hop, jungle and house are genuinely represented on this collection.’
    • ‘Brown has put together a highly melodic and moody trip hop disc.’
    • ‘It was a very brave concept - taking the definitive rock record of the past two generations and reworking it as a reggae album - but the ambitious experiment with reggae rhythms and trip hop beats is paying off.’
    • ‘Giving " Wanted Dead Or Alive " a vaguely trip hop beat works beautifully while the solo piano accompaniment on " It's My Life " is undeniably moving.’