Definition of trimpot in US English:



  • A small potentiometer used to make small adjustments to the value of resistance or voltage in an electronic circuit.

    • ‘When you are satisfied that the trimpot is flush on the board, solder the remaining two pins.’
    • ‘In this amp, if the trimpot loses contact the quiescent current will decrease, not increase.’
    • ‘After poking around a few minutes I found that the trimpots adjusted the bias on the transistors.’
    • ‘I like my tremolo to be relatively transparent which is achieved with the trimpot set at unity volume.’
    • ‘A feature of this PSU that greatly impressed me was that you could rotate a trimpot inside the PSU to adjust your 12V and 5V rails.’
    • ‘Accurate setting of these trimpots is required for safe, reliable and repeatable performance.’
    • ‘Next I decided to have a play with the trimpot inside the unit.’
    • ‘If we chose a trimpot with a value of 50 ohm, then on the other hand the 3A can not be obtained.’
    • ‘Most of our current designs use smaller size trimpots that are adjusted with a tuning tool or small screwdriver.’
    • ‘Thus, you can certainly adjust the trimpot to balance the circuit for a zero volt output.’