Definition of trihedron in US English:



  • A solid figure having three sides or faces (in addition to the base or ends).

    • ‘A set of possible initial registrations is generated searching and aligning pairs of compatible trihedra from different views.’
    • ‘However, these trihedra were much larger and were growth defects which arose from a mechanism other than the condensation of vacancies or the release of misfit strain.’
    • ‘From now on, we will move trihedrons to restore their positions and colors, without moving dihedras.’
    • ‘A hollowed trihedron replica is thus obtained having exactly the same shape as the model.’
    • ‘Instead of vector components the orthonormal trihedrons of coordinate systems are subjected to transformations.’
    • ‘If this antenna is perfect, the axes of the two trihedrons would be respectively parallel to each other.’
    • ‘A line making equal angles with the edges of a trihedron is called an isoclinal line of the trihedron.’
    • ‘Besides chopping-tools, polyhedrons and some cleavers, trihedrons and bifaces form the most characteristic element within the tools.’


Early 19th century: from tri- ‘three’ + -hedron, on the pattern of words such as polyhedron.