Definition of trigonometric in US English:



  • See trigonometry

    • ‘However after this the centre of activity moved to France where a national survey based on a mathematical approach to trigonometric surveying led the way.’
    • ‘He then plotted them along x and y axes that he changed periodically for the sake of methodological soundness and fit the graphs to standard parabolic and trigonometric curves.’
    • ‘Vallée Poussin also worked on approximation to functions by algebraic and trigonometric polynomials from 1908 to 1918.’
    • ‘The radian measure makes many trigonometric equations simpler and so it is the preferred unit of measuring angles in mathematics.’
    • ‘Curves (such as the trigonometric polynomials of elliptic Fourier analysis) may be fit to such an outline, and then compared through statistical analysis of their parameters.’