Definition of triglyceride in US English:



  • An ester formed from glycerol and three fatty acid groups. Triglycerides are the main constituents of natural fats and oils, and high concentrations in the blood indicate an elevated risk of stroke.

    • ‘The model suggests an answer to the question of how triglycerides and cholesterol esters get into and out of lipid particles.’
    • ‘Human sebaceous glands secrete a lipid mixture of mainly triglycerides, wax esters, free fatty acids, and squalene.’
    • ‘The digestion of triglycerides to fatty acids also produces these ions.’
    • ‘Fatty acids are translated to energy by the lipases, the enzymes that break triglycerides into three fatty acids and a glycerol molecule.’
    • ‘A high-fat diet might also boost the cholesterol and triglycerides, or free fatty acids, in people's blood.’