Definition of trifoliate in English:



  • 1(of a compound leaf) having three leaflets.

    ‘dark green trifoliate leaves’
    • ‘The trifoliate leaflets are closed as in nyctinasty.’
    • ‘At the emergence of the second trifoliate leaf, uniformly sized seedlings were selected and transplanted to 4.0 l pails (4 plants per container) filled with aerated modified 50% Hoagland's solution.’
    • ‘The second method is the foliar application of 4 to 8 pounds of manganese sulfate when the plants have two or three trifoliate leaves.’
    • ‘The trifoliate leaf where the egg hatched and the larva began feeding will wilt and die.’
    • ‘Water-stressed plots were sufficiently watered until plants were on their third trifoliate leaf, and then 50% of the available water capacity (20% w/v water in soil) was maintained until harvest.’
    • ‘Shoots with 1-2 trifoliate leaves of 3-week-old seedlings were incubated in microtitre plate wells with assay solution in a growth chamber, 16/8 h day/night regime, 21°C.’
    • ‘Mexican orange is another good hedging plant, with glossy trifoliate evergreen leaves that release the fragrance of orange peel when pruned.’
    • ‘Resistance was evaluated by immersion for 10 d at the second trifoliate leaf stage.’
    • ‘The disease progresses up the plant and the trifoliate leaves soon develop symptoms with lesions, initially appearing as irregular light brown spots and later turning a blackish-brown color.’
    • ‘The trifoliate leaves turn brilliant shades of red and orange in autumn but the cinnamon-brown peeling bark makes it worth viewing at any time of the year.’
    • ‘For P. vulgaris, plants were pruned to leave the primary and second trifoliate leaves supporting a single pod arising from the axis of trifoliate leaf 3.’
    • ‘Most alternative herbicide programs require seedling alfalfa to have at least two to four trifoliate leaves before applying treatments.’
    1. 1.1 (of a plant) having trifoliate leaves.
      • ‘(See the May 25 Crop Watch) Soybeans should be kept free of weed competition from the 2nd trifoliate stage to beginning bloom.’
      • ‘Four weeks after planting, samples of six trifoliate plants were transplanted to 4-l containers that were purged by ambient air.’
      • ‘But for ARS horticulturalist Robert R. Krueger, the genus Citrus includes at least 16 species, with hundreds of distant relatives, including lesser-known, peelable oddities like pummelos, trifoliate oranges, and kumquats.’
    2. 1.2 (of an object or design) having the form of a trifoliate leaf.
      ‘a bronze trifoliate key handle’
      • ‘We are proud to offer for sale, a lovely piece of early Van Briggle pottery, circa 1915 in a stunning Arts and Crafts trifoliate design.’
      • ‘It may be as well to mention an early Venetian design of about 1475 wherein the Emperor has a three-pointed trifoliate crown surmounted by a trefoil.’


  • A plant with trifoliate leaves.

    ‘poison ivy is a thornless trifoliate’
    • ‘Soybean development varies; some fields are in the single trifoliate stage while others have three trifoliates.’
    • ‘However, very little was translocated to the developed trifoliates and primary leaves.’
    • ‘All soybeans were fertilized with a time release fertilizer when they had two fully expanded trifoliates.’
    • ‘Homogenates were made of fourth trifoliate leaves, harvested after full expansion of the fifth trifoliate, such that each plant was still in vegetative development.’