Definition of trifid in US English:



  • Partly or wholly split into three divisions or lobes.

    • ‘Miloradovich also recognized these cardinal process types, and noted that the median lobe of the massive, trifid cardinal process often is recurved dorsally.’
    • ‘The suture is quadrilobate and of modest complexity, with two trifid lobes represented on the flanks, margined by bifid saddles.’
    • ‘The trifid third and bifid fourth lobes are incompletely separated by a lower and smaller fourth lateral saddle.’
    • ‘For example, a cardinal process with three lobate structures, but only two muscle attachment sites, would be bilobed and trifid.’
    • ‘It has trifid feet on cabriole legs without shells on the knees.’


Mid 18th century: from Latin trifidus, from tri- ‘three’ + fid- ‘split, divided’ (from the verb findere).