Definition of tried in English:


  • past and past participle of try


  • [attributive] Used in various phrases to describe something that has proved effective or reliable before.

    ‘novel applications of tried-and-tested methods’
    ‘a tried-and-true recipe’
    • ‘The formula is a tried way of expressing satirical disaffection.’
    • ‘I know six or seven of the lads who have been tried and tested and the rest of the team look a good set.’
    • ‘Sadly, the idea of the game has been tried and tested so many times it seems old hat now.’
    • ‘In 1846 Thoreau climbed a route of his own making, instead of following a tried way, and didn't make it this far.’
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, trusted, certain, sure, true
    proven, proved, tested, tried out, tried and tested, put to the test, established, fail-safe, time-honoured, classic
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