Definition of tricoteuse in English:



  • A woman who sits and knits (used especially in reference to a number of women who did this, during the French Revolution, while attending public executions).

    • ‘She also has the musky and morbid sense of someone who is her own tricoteuse, knitting her own legend.’
    • ‘Very soon after the indictment of Mr. Libby, the tricoteuses glumly conceded that no conspiracy has been uncovered.’
    • ‘As the national team goes through the doldrums yet again the critics and the tricoteuses are lining up.’
    • ‘In effect, they are the bulwarks of the tricoteuses.’
    • ‘As every poll comes out, yours truly cheers the passage of the tumbrel bearing the Howard Government to the guillotine as gleefully as the most ragged and revolutionary tricoteuse.’


French, from tricoter ‘to knit’.