Definition of trickster in English:



  • A person who cheats or deceives people.

    • ‘They lived by their own wits as confidence men and tricksters.’
    • ‘The call comes after a surge in artifice burglaries, where tricksters assume a variety of guises and prey upon people's trust to enter their homes and steal belongings.’
    • ‘Trading standards bosses have made tackling the tricksters, who include cowboy tradesmen, rip-off builders and confidence cheats, their number one priority.’
    • ‘The tricksters are so sharp they mix silk and wool in the high price range and just razor the silk when you ask for the test - hence the need to ask for a razor sample across the whole colour range of the carpet you fancy.’
    • ‘In America, schemes are the tools of con-men and tricksters.’
    • ‘The author is simply too much of a buffoon, too transparent a trickster, too irresistible a conman, to be dislikeable.’
    • ‘Mamet's works are about tricksters, con men, people always out to put one over on someone else.’
    • ‘In court, some states have argued that there's no reason for wine sellers to act like tricksters or outlaws.’
    • ‘We must remember who Rivka is: she is the sister of Lavan, the infamous trickster and con man.’
    • ‘In the upper central area is a joker figure a trickster whose red-lipped grin betokens some undefined menace.’
    • ‘This could be the deliberate deception practised by the stock character of the trickster or that practised by nature through the phenomenon of twins.’
    • ‘The budding scientists of today will need to prepare themselves to do battle with silliness, impostors, tricksters and fraudsters.’
    • ‘It will mean extra officers being assigned to the Regional Crime Unit which focuses on cross-border crime, including burglary gangs and cashpoint tricksters.’
    • ‘The three tricksters sold the pills to drug users, swindling them out of 60 baht per pill and giving them a severe headache in the process.’
    • ‘Good magicians are good tricksters and good tricksters can fool the smartest of people.’
    • ‘Police and trading standards representatives will warn the elderly of the scams and ploys used by silver-tongued tricksters to get their hands on their hard-earned cash.’
    • ‘Within the vast, bright realm of cyberspace, however, lurk various tricksters and scam artists ranging from amusing to annoying or downright dangerous.’
    • ‘A vulnerable elderly woman from York has had her life savings stolen after tricksters targeted her in an international money fraud.’
    • ‘Instead of seeing people as good or bad, we need to begin acknowledging a third group - the conmen or tricksters.’
    swindler, cheat, fraud, fraudster, defrauder, confidence man
    charlatan, mountebank, quack, impostor, sham
    rogue, villain, scoundrel
    deceiver, deluder, dissembler, hoodwinker, hoaxer
    joker, practical joker
    con man, con artist, sharp, phoney, flimflam man, flimflammer
    grifter, bunco artist, gold brick, chiseller
    illywhacker, magsman, shicer
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