Definition of trick someone/something out (or up) in US English:

trick someone/something out (or up)

phrasal verb

usually be tricked out
  • Dress or decorate someone or something in an elaborate or showy way.

    ‘a Marine tricked out in World War II kit and weaponry’
    • ‘She's tricked him out with some brass plates (for added weight) and pipe-cleaner antenna (for extra cuteness).’
    • ‘And the impressively imagined world of the novel is tricked out in lively prose.’
    • ‘It's a large, spacious room tricked out in pale, overwhelmingly summery colours.’
    • ‘They don't just set up their courses, they trick them up and too often they career over the line between what is tough and what is unreasonable.’
    • ‘Even the takeout menu is tricked out with red old-West lettering, flames and stars.’
    • ‘That's not to say that the lads in the lab aren't willing to trick my rig out with new gear; I just usually end up buying my own.’
    • ‘I tricked it out with the little hanging stars in the corners.’
    • ‘More than a few high-end realtors and home sellers are tricking out their prized properties with security cameras, in hopes of catching thieves and scammers who have been hitting open houses lately.’
    • ‘It was a little hard to drive because they'd tricked it up with so many things that it was too heavy and the suspension wasn't very good and the brakes didn't work half the time.’
    • ‘He tricked it out, painted it black, added exhaust pipes behind the passenger seats and gave it its sleek look.’
    dress, dress up, array, attire, rig out, garb, get up
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