Definition of trichromatic in US English:



  • 1Having or using three colors.

    • ‘An important theory was put forward by Young in the 18th century and was developed by Helmholz to give the trichromatic scheme which states that there are three fundamental colours.’
    • ‘The general principle underlying the design of visual trichromatic colorimeters. may be briefly summarized as follows.’
    1. 1.1 Having normal color vision, which is sensitive to all three primary colors.
      • ‘Here I show that softening texture also characterizes the fruit ripening process, and that color is of ambiguous importance to primates possessing trichromatic vision.’
      • ‘Primates, including humans, have three cones and can thus distinguish three of the primary color phases, giving us trichromatic vision, or high color resolution.’
      • ‘Accordingly, the successful acquisition of fruits (or fruits of particular colors) cannot be strongly tied to the evolution of routine trichromatic vision.’
      • ‘None of today's New World monkeys has trichromatic color vision - except for the howler monkey.’
      • ‘The nocturnal origins of primates imposed constraints on certain sensory systems, namely trichromatic vision.’
      • ‘Theoretical modeling of fruit spectra into the trichromatic color space of catarrhine primates yielded similar results.’
      • ‘Many species - including the trichromatic honeybee - have a kind of photoreceptor sensitive to the near-ultraviolet, outside the visible spectrum.’
      • ‘Similarly, we may have preferences for certain colors based on the primate trichromatic color visual system.’
      • ‘Between 30 million and 35 million years ago, however, our primate ancestors began to develop the trichromatic color sensitivity that humans, apes, and Old World monkeys possess today.’
      • ‘The human eye is trichromatic, as our color vision involves three distinct classes of cones.’
      • ‘People with trichromatic color vision see not only four primary colors (blue, green, yellow, and red) but also various intermediate colors between them.’
      • ‘Why would the only monkey in South America to evolve trichromatic vision be the one that eats the least amount of fruit?’