Definition of trichloranisole in US English:



  • A chemical released by a fungus whose smell is detectable in minute concentrations. It is responsible for the musty smell that taints wines bottled with infected corks(. abbreviation TCA).

    • ‘If you've ever opened a bottle of wine to discover something that smells like a mouldy hymn book and tastes even worse, you've made the acquaintance of a chemical compound called 2,4, 6 - trichloranisole.’
    • ‘We go away thinking we just don't like the wine, when, in fact, it was contaminated with 2, 4, 6 - trichloranisole, a chemical generated by molds that tend to grow on cork.’
    • ‘TCA or 2,4 6 - trichloranisole is one of the world's most powerful contaminants.’
    • ‘The mould, called trichloranisole or TCA for short, can ruin a bottle of wine: it makes it taste like like a cellar or damp cardboard.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, however, there is some evidence that this chlorine increases the likelihood of trichloranisole formation, and therefore the incidence of cork taint.’