Definition of triangulation point in US English:

triangulation point


  • A reference point on high ground used in surveying, typically marked by a small pillar.

    • ‘After a couple of miles, we reached the high point of the walk, a triangulation point at 1,000 feet gleaming with fresh white paint.’
    • ‘During the summer he set up stations in Catalonia to act as triangulation points and in the autumn he used the Borda repeating circle to take accurate sightings of these stations.’
    • ‘Follow the broad southern ridge to the summit triangulation point, and take care, for this is easily missed in poor visibility.’
    • ‘He now undertook a new survey of the meridian through Paris, setting up a large number of triangulation points in 1739-40 and undertaking the most accurate such survey to have been carried out up to that time.’
    • ‘He started with his house and local church towers as the triangulation points, eventually computing the distance between Alkmaar in the North and Bergen-op-Zoom in the South, a distance of 130 km.’
    • ‘Delambre set out in June and began to seek triangulation points round Paris.’


triangulation point

/ˌtraɪˌæŋɡjəˈleɪʃən pɔɪnt/