Definition of trial lawyer in US English:

trial lawyer


North American
  • A lawyer who practices in a trial court.

    • ‘I think any experienced trial lawyer or appellate lawyer who attempts to guess what a court is going to do is making a big mistake.’
    • ‘When a trial goes wrong, it's always easy to blame the trial lawyer.’
    • ‘Every trial lawyer understands the strategy: Try at all costs to keep dangerous evidence out of hostile hands.’
    • ‘Thus, for a trial lawyer to switch jobs and become a federal district judge necessitates, on average, a pay cut of over $100,000.’
    • ‘The grounds of appeal cite that the expert testimony was misinterpreted, the trial lawyer was incompetent and the complainant was not credible.’
    • ‘As a trial lawyer and a manager, I was humbled every day to be a part of this tradition.’
    • ‘After law school, he became a trial lawyer and a law professor, and began a lifelong participation in several national and local law associations.’
    • ‘That to me, with all the advantages of hindsight as a trial lawyer, would send off all sorts of alarm bells.’
    • ‘It also puts the trial lawyer who would represent her for a contingency fee in a worse position, as well.’
    • ‘His principal life's work has been that of a trial lawyer who made millions suing big corporations.’