Definition of trephination in US English:



  • See trephine

    • ‘He excelled in both, as a professor of surgery at the Bicetre in Paris and as a noted anthropologist dealing with a plethora of subjects, including the Cro-Magnon man and Neolithic trephination.’
    • ‘Old types of corneal prostheses required a full trephination of the cornea.’
    • ‘However - remarkably and inexplicably - the earliest major surgery of which we have undoubted evidence is trephination of the skull, which dates back to at least 5000 BC in the Stone Age period.’
    • ‘As in trephination performed by the Incas who traded their melancholy for a helmet made from a turtle shell.’
    • ‘Reports of trepanation (or trephination) have been spotty throughout history, but there is little doubt of its existence dating back to Neolithic times.’