Definition of trend line in US English:

trend line


  • A line indicating the general course or tendency of something, e.g. a geographical feature or a set of points on a graph.

    • ‘The best-fit linear trend line is indicated, along with an exponential trend line.’
    • ‘The data are not all rosy, of course; but the trend line is good, at the moment, for the Republicans.’
    • ‘Many raised their eyebrows at the time over the relevancy of this study - after all, we were in a new economy where the business cycle had been repealed and U.S. auto sales had established a new trend line of 17 million units.’
    • ‘Therefore, for comparing trends across countries, the differences between the trend line or curve at the beginning and at the end of the study period were calculated, as a change in male proportion per thousand births.’
    • ‘A linear trend line based on combined numbers from both assemblages (open circles) is shown.’
    • ‘So, the trend line is not in the right direction.’
    • ‘In that chart is also drawn a line that represents the trend line for the weekly change in central bank holdings, using the right axis.’
    • ‘I certainly hope the general trend line is upward.’
    • ‘It is imperative when using any sentiment indicator that a trend line be broken before a signal is acted upon, but it is clear that insider transactions have provided useful early warning signals in the last six years.’
    • ‘For some factors, the direction of the trend line is unknown and could either support or detract from the alliance between the United States and Japan.’
    • ‘Is the trend line moving in a consistent direction, or is it stable across time, or is it fluctuating in response to cyclical conditions?’
    • ‘Such a potential can be measured by a trend line between peaks of the business cycle.’
    • ‘Deviation from the diagonal trend line, as is evident for third-codon-position transitions, indicates saturation.’
    • ‘A trend line through the data suggests that, despite variation, the largest plants of all species had close to 25% on average of their roots in the enriched quadrant.’
    • ‘As the wide scatter around the trend line reveals, other factors were pulling circulation both up and down, and a management that banked everything on news-editorial staff size alone would be offering itself as a hostage to fate.’
    • ‘‘If you got a trend line of bad cases where it seems as though the regulatory takings theory appears, I don't think the governments signed on to that,’ he said.’
    • ‘The figure shows that the US health plans clustered closely around the same trend line and that US patients were referred more commonly than UK patients, regardless of the morbidity burden.’
    • ‘But the trend line was clear - the longer they were at the prison, the harsher the methods they employed, and the better the information they got.…’
    • ‘If prices rise 100% or 200% over their trend, the bursting bubble sends that asset class back to the trend line.’
    • ‘I wouldn't put much weight on one month's numbers, but I will say, I think the trend line continues to be very good for jobs and very good for compensation, and good for growth.’