Definition of trench coat in US English:

trench coat


  • 1A loose belted, double-breasted raincoat in a military style.

    • ‘He was wearing a long trench coat and an old style hat that had stopped Scott from identifying him.’
    • ‘He was surprised, however, when he stepped right into the path of a smaller man in a trench coat and fedora.’
    • ‘He rushed toward the coat rack, grabbing his trench coat and slipping it on.’
    • ‘I placed my bowler hat on my coat rack, and my black trench coat on the hook.’
    • ‘Thus the campy prose style and the author photo in trench coat and fedora.’
    • ‘They have a patent leather version of a fifties style trench coat and their own interpretation of the current high school craze.’
    • ‘We entered as another servant took my soft tan fur coat; Jarred handed them his black trench coat.’
    • ‘On the crumple sheeted bed is a dirty trench coat and on the trench coat is a carefully placed bible.’
    • ‘The boy on the other hand wore an ankle length black trench coat, with a green ponytail flipped over the coat.’
    • ‘There are also sweater coats, coatdresses, trench coats, balmacaans, reefers, princess cuts, and oodles of other descriptive style terms to spin you into a fashionable furious straight jacket, if you should so desire.’
    • ‘There was a man in a trench coat, pants, shirt, shoes and sunglasses, all black.’
    • ‘She dresses smart-black pin-stripe trousers, black polo neck with a trench coat.’
    • ‘He stood in front of her in a black trench coat and a matching turtleneck.’
    • ‘She reached inside and pulled out a black trench coat lined with faux fur at the neck, the sleeves, and the hem.’
    • ‘Love all the trench coats, especially the white trench coat with the subtle Burberry print on it.’
    • ‘Wear it with a trendy leather jacket and jeans for everyday occasions, or with a dressier trench coat for work.’
    • ‘Standing on the balcony edge, he was dressed in his trench coat, lined with moonlight around the edges.’
    • ‘For the evening, Bailey offers these shiny variations of the trench coat.’
    • ‘Standing, the man in the black trench coat adjusted the sunglasses that obscured his eyes.’
    • ‘I wrestled off my trench coat and hat, throwing them on to the coat hanger.’
    1. 1.1 A lined or padded waterproof coat worn by soldiers.


First World War: originally referring to the type of coat worn by soldiers in the trenches.


trench coat

/ˈtrɛntʃ ˌkoʊt//ˈtrenCH ˌkōt/