Definition of tremolando in US English:


nounPlural tremolandi

  • another term for tremolo
    • ‘The opening flourishes exploit the sonorities of a large harpsichord, incorporating shivering tremolandi along with the habitual shooting scales and cascading arpeggios.’
    • ‘There are however some traditional dramatic devices which function to heighten the atmosphere of absurdity, including the use of string tremolandi to underline Ubu's plotting and mistuned brass fanfares to herald courtly meetings.’
    • ‘This is consequently developed in the remainder of the exposition section and in the development where, aided by the tempo marking, it has evolved into a tremolando.’

adjective & adverb

  • (especially as a direction) with tremolo.

    • ‘The first movement already has the famous atmospheric opening with a horn call over tremolando strings in the original version.’


Italian, literally ‘trembling’.