Definition of treelike in US English:



  • See tree

    • ‘The firm also said that with tree-like masts, the actual antennae for sending signals had to be placed five metres below the top of the mast, and that would have made it pointless installing a mast at that location.’
    • ‘These tree-like creatures, agonizingly slow and covered with mossy bark, nursed themselves on tales of past glory while their numbers dwindled in their isolation.’
    • ‘This is a sonic work where 12 life-sized figures are positioned as lookouts on cardboard tubing that resembles a large tree-like form.’
    • ‘Its 45-inch pallav had beautiful tree-like motifs.’
    • ‘All animals, living or dead, can be placed into groups based upon shared derived characteristics and those groups form tree-like hierarchies.’