Definition of tree ring in US English:

tree ring


  • Each of a number of concentric rings in the cross section of a tree trunk, representing a single year's growth.

    • ‘After rendezvousing at base camp with the four gents from the University of Arizona tree ring lab we all variously ascended the mountain for a day of research.’
    • ‘A variety of approaches have been employed to resolve this problem, ranging from analyses of historical data, to tree ring and fossil pollen records, to modeling efforts.’
    • ‘A tree ring also indicates approximately how warm the summer was while the ring was being formed.’
    • ‘The calendar year of the tree ring with the fire scar in it was then recorded as the fire date.’
    • ‘Standing alone, evidence from tree ring research might not amount to much.’
    • ‘Although many large dinosaur bones displayed growth rings, much like tree rings, they are incomplete and hard to read.’
    • ‘A simple method for determining the periodic nature of tree rings is counting rings (or in the case of this study, coloured layers) in trees of known age.’
    • ‘The first is ecological and focuses on recent methods aimed toward quantifying the canopy-disturbance history of forests as recorded by tree rings.’
    • ‘At each sampling height, the whole cross-section was considered and no information about the individual tree ring distributions was available.’
    • ‘So, by measuring the amount of the isotopes in each year of tree growth, or each tree ring, the researchers could identify periods of greater or lesser solar activity.’
    • ‘Cores were visually cross-dated using narrow rings as signature years to accurately assign a year to each tree ring.’
    • ‘Each overgrowth is analogous to a tree ring - except that instead of recording annual episodes of growth, the rims on zircon crystals record multiple geologic cycles.’
    • ‘You can even compare this with tree ring records and coral records and there's the Greenland ice core records that we can also compare with and they all agree very well.’
    • ‘For the period up to about 100 years ago the graph was based on indicators such as fossil coral growth rings and tree rings.’
    • ‘Tree rings, for instance, tell us that about every dozen years or so there is rain enough to provide a wide, growing, tree ring.’
    • ‘Again, the disturbance-free interval from the tree ring record closely matches this settlement-free period.’
    • ‘‘You can actually see the ebb and flow of the wolf population by counting tree rings and measuring the ring width,’ Peterson said in an interview with the radio program Pulse of the Planet.’
    • ‘As the growth histories of these additional trees proved to be consistent with those of the smaller plots, they were included in the tree ring analyses to increase sampling depth in the early parts of the record.’
    • ‘As trees respond to these factors with similar changes in growth increment, records of past influences are retained in their tree rings and can be unravelled through dendroecological techniques.’
    • ‘Each tree ring has its own unique signature - rather like a fingerprint - and can be matched up with historical databases that have been built up for the various regions of England.’


tree ring

/ˈtrē ˌriNG/