Definition of tree house in US English:

tree house

(also treehouse)


  • A structure built in the branches of a tree for children to play in.

    • ‘They won't be able to sit with us up in the thick leaves of the non-bearing mulberry that held my tree house and hear the conversations we shared.’
    • ‘Kiki set her Geometry book and paper to the side and laid down on the wooden floor of the tree house she was occupying, pillowing her head on her folded arms.’
    • ‘At the time I thought I must have landed on a poorly trimmed branch from the floorboard of the tree house.’
    • ‘At 8: 30, as I peacefully dreamed of building and living in a tree house, the intercom sounded.’
    • ‘The boys were building a tree house on Thursday when a branch snapped.’
    • ‘I had a tree house into whose limbs I sometimes allowed Mark to climb, but I hid a secret fear of heights and preferred to be alone up there with no unpredictable behavior of his with which to deal.’
    • ‘My Hillside Deluxe room, with its louvered doors and green heartwood furniture, was like a tree house built by Swiss castaways.’
    • ‘After Sophie came, Uncle Andy had built her a tree house within the great mass of gnarled branches.’
    • ‘Bamboo groves, a canopy provided by trees, a tree house and a display of photographs of butterflies found fluttering in the park are the other attractions.’
    • ‘The spy ships, personal helicopters, flying shoes and crazy laptops are a fun distraction, and the high-tech tree house is pure fantasy.’
    • ‘The effect is like being in a tree house without the vertigo.’
    • ‘Today the son is still sitting in the tree house at 40.’
    • ‘But the tree house leaked and eventually fell down.’
    • ‘Their tribulations and accomplishments set the stage for their little baby boy to gurgle and whimper and giggle in the romantic tree house which his daddy built from vines and branches and wood from the forest.’
    • ‘Soon, he was high up on the platform of the tree house.’
    • ‘My eyes drifted to my window, and fell on the old tree house Scott and I had begged our dads to build when we were kids.’
    • ‘Glimpsing the wooden structure of the tree house not far from us, I held Tamela's hands so that she faced me.’
    • ‘For the next two hours we're like kids building a tree house.’
    • ‘Only when I took him to the tree house yesterday and fell asleep, he wasn't there.’
    • ‘But what of the path, the terrace, the arbour, the fencing, the shed or the tree house?’


tree house

/ˈtrē ˌhous//ˈtri ˌhaʊs/