Definition of tree-lined in US English:



  • (of a road, path, etc.) having a row of trees on either side.

    ‘he lives in a modest home on a tree-lined street in Richmond’
    • ‘The opening scene begins with a high-angle shot of a Mercedes Benz lurching down an autumnal tree-lined street.’
    • ‘Popular with the beautiful sun-kissed bohemian types from up-market Leblon and just beyond, this slick style bar is situated on a popular tree-lined street just back from the beach.’
    • ‘I went up the tree-lined driveway, catching glimpses of a magnificent house.’
    • ‘A tree-lined promenade extends south to Battery Park, with its view to the Statue of Liberty.’
    • ‘Saturday morning, it's off to the Right Bank's little-visited 10th arrondissement for a stroll along the tree-lined Canal St. Martin.’
    • ‘The resulting projects are, almost invariably, low-density neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets of revivalist style houses.’
    • ‘The property is approached via a tree-lined gravel driveway.’
    • ‘I notice he wanders a little farther out in the pasture every time he sees me coming up the tree-lined driveway to Linda's Southwind Farm.’
    • ‘One distinguished exponent is Van Morrison, whose Astral Weeks album detailed his meanderings through Cyprus Avenue, a tree-lined road near his childhood home in east Belfast.’
    • ‘Our chase continued for perhaps a mile or more, until we found ourselves flying up a wide, rising road, tree-lined on both sides.’
    • ‘He and Barbara share a modest split-level home in a tree-lined suburban block in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati.’
    • ‘Graham believes that investment in lighting, the creation of tree-lined boulevards and wider footpaths will help achieve this aim.’
    • ‘He prefers to dispose of this city conveniently through some obvious shots of abandoned drive-thrus and the tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills.’
    • ‘The plain/plateau below is dotted with houses, agricultural buildings, churches, delightful tree-lined fields, but mostly trees, marvellous stands of cypress and olive groves and orchards.’
    • ‘Situated in a scenic valley surrounded by picturesque mountains, Medellin is a city of lush parks and tree-lined boulevards.’
    • ‘I am in a tree-lined street in Paris, passing a small, narrow art studio.’
    • ‘His designs of majestic buildings and tree-lined squares were considered visionary.’
    • ‘The foreboding is momentarily relieved as the next scene opens with a high-angle shot of a sunny, tree-lined street.’
    • ‘The hole begins with a drive off an elevated tee to a fairly wide, tree-lined fairway.’
    • ‘Sixties vintage Coopers and Jaguars race around among mansions and tree-lined drives.’