Definition of tree-hugging in US English:



derogatory, informal
  • See tree-hugger

    • ‘Sure, many years later I would realize that the song was nothing but a paean to tree-hugging; a musical, Orwellian trip into a vast dystopian future.’
    • ‘Anyone can find fault in the fictional tree-hugging, hemp-shirt wearing, fair-trade-latte - drinking, bongo-hitting hippie that you portray as a leftist, or tear apart the ridiculous arguments he seems to think come from the left.’
    • ‘Next those hippy tree-hugging communist civil libertarians will be objecting to our new ‘deporting political opponents’ policy.’
    • ‘When, as tree-hugging, deep-breathing, cardboard-recycling eco-liberals, we began to envision the type of home we'd build, our first instinct was to not cut down a single tree.’
    • ‘And what happens is that it either degenerates into some form of self-indulgent ego-tripping or it loses itself in tree-hugging or some such specious nonsense.’