Definition of treasure hunt in US English:

treasure hunt


  • 1A search for treasure.

    • ‘That was what they thought all since they had found that cave, since they went on that treasure hunt.’
    • ‘A mild love story and kidnapping / treasure hunt is all this film really required.’
    • ‘What follows is a modern-day treasure hunt that takes Renee and company deep into the poverty and voodoo of Haiti.’
    • ‘Sean Bean was drawn to the role of Ian Howe the entrepreneur who initially finances Ben Gates's treasure hunt only to reveal he has his own motives because he thought it would be great fun to play someone so cunning and conniving.’
    • ‘Margabandhu's treasure hunt leads them to a lot of places.’
    • ‘Local author Darcy O'Connor, now penning his third book on the Oak Island treasure hunt, believes that the owners won't give up their search.’
    • ‘Over the past two centuries, six men have died in the Money Pit on Nova Scotia's Oak Island, site of the world's most famous treasure hunt.’
    • ‘In both, the plots revolve around a treasure hunt, where the clues left from one victim lead to the next; and there is the variety of grisly, ‘creative’ murders.’
    • ‘I was beginning to think that going on that treasure hunt was perhaps not such a good idea after all.’
    1. 1.1 A game in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues.
      • ‘The event included village stocks, a greasy log, face-painting, a barbecue, a raffle and a car treasure hunt, with a colour TV as first prize.’
      • ‘Pupils at Seend School did most of the organisation for the event themselves and thought of ideas for games, including a treasure hunt, marbles and lucky dips.’
      • ‘Write and illustrate short stories with them, stage a play or set up a treasure hunt with clues.’
      • ‘We'll be having a fun flying comp this year to coincide with our nighttime fun - pilots will fly for points which they will cash in for clues for the evening treasure hunt.’
      • ‘The treasure hunt was spread over a 65-km. route with several surprises and games on the way.’
      • ‘But it is also a fun afternoon and there will be a treasure hunt, goody bags, prizes and plenty of games and entertainment.’
      • ‘Smaller children also enjoyed the bouncy castle and Children's Corner with the treasure hunt, Hook-a-Duck, Spin the Wheel, and fishing games.’
      • ‘I then hid them around the house as a treasure hunt, with clues to the next place.’
      • ‘In the game, you will be given clues, like a treasure hunt.’
      • ‘The children are excited about the party and there will be plenty of fun and games, including pass the parcel and a treasure hunt, and we will also be having a visit from Father Christmas.’
      • ‘The day started with a treasure hunt and this was followed by a parachute game with all the mums and dads invited to participate.’
      • ‘Ever fancied a global treasure hunt with cryptic clues embedded in worldwide media?’
      • ‘The CD plays with older forms like the treasure hunt, a game with embedded clues, shadow puppetry silhouettes and traditional folklore.’
      • ‘Objects and images are embedded in the perimeter wall and can be glimpsed through peepholes set at different heights, and these serve as clues in a treasure hunt.’
      • ‘In the afternoon, there are games to be played, including a treasure hunt that could interest our non-golfing duo.’
      • ‘The treasure hunt will be followed by an auction in Clarke's Lounge Bar, where items can be donated on the day for auction.’
      • ‘Other events were a teddy bears' picnic on the Jubilee Field followed by a treasure hunt for adults in which a total of 14 cars took part.’
      • ‘These exercises are like a treasure hunt, where one clue leads to the next.’
      • ‘I hope this Search For The Stone treasure hunt will encourage people to get out walking and help the rural economy back on its feet.’
      • ‘The first day of the Christmas Festival was for fun/cruisers - a treasure hunt - with clues along a devious course some ten miles NW of St Lucia to Marigot Bay.’


treasure hunt

/ˈtreZHər hənt//ˈtrɛʒər hənt/