Definition of treasonous in US English:



  • 1Involving or guilty of the crime of betraying one's country.

    ‘a treasonous act against the State’
    ‘he was accused of a treasonous conspiracy to topple the government’
    ‘they're branding dissenters as unpatriotic and treasonous’
    • ‘He was falsely accused of treasonous crimes that could have resulted in the death penalty.’
    • ‘The government also recommended making it a crime not to report knowledge of treasonous activities.’
    • ‘They rounded up those they suspected as potentially treasonous and deported them.’
    • ‘Hold anyone who has perpetrated this treasonous war accountable for their crimes.’
    • ‘His only obligation is to investigate the treasonous acts of political operatives.’
    • ‘The defendants were found guilty of committing treasonous acts.’
    • ‘There is already treasonous talk amongst the military.’
    • ‘He was accused of a treasonous conspiracy to topple the government.’
    • ‘I have never committed a treasonous act against my king nor my country.’
    • ‘He submitted military plans to them, that could be construed as treasonous.’
    1. 1.1 Involving or guilty of the betrayal of someone or something.
      ‘he never paid for his treasonous act against Valerie’
      ‘dropping out of school was considered downright treasonous’
      ‘it seems almost treasonous to criticize the film’
      • ‘Dropping out of public school was considered downright treasonous.’
      • ‘It seems almost treasonous to criticise the final film.’
      • ‘It is almost treasonous to say so, but the club are not big enough to have four star turns up front.’
      • ‘I believe I am acting quite kindly to you, ignoring your treasonous remarks against me!’