Definition of traveling salesman in English:

traveling salesman


  • A representative of a company who visits stores and other businesses to show samples and gain orders.

    • ‘He thought mobile e-mail would catch on with everyone from traveling salesmen to stay-at-home moms.’
    • ‘Does this sound like a play on the traveling salesman and the farmer's daughter?’
    • ‘They were typified by white-collar workers, travelling salesmen, and clerks.’
    • ‘I arrived in Goldsborough like a travelling salesman, a case of samples in my left hand and the index finger of my right hand poised in air, as if to stop a passer-by for directions.’
    • ‘Amazingly, these secretaries and travelling salesmen succeeded more often than not, dispelling as they did so the myth of difficulty which most professional groups use to intimidate outsiders.’
    • ‘Later, merchants centered in Nuremberg gained control over these traveling salesmen and forced village artisans to adopt uniform designs and to specialize.’
    • ‘Police are warning the public to be wary of travelling salesmen, in particular those selling generators and tools.’
    • ‘The reader learns virtually nothing about differences between office and sales clerks, between in-store and traveling salesmen, between office clerks working in small offices and large pools.’
    • ‘In 1936 Henry F. Phillips, also once a traveling salesman, patented the cruciform head known to us all.’
    • ‘Late in the fall of 1879 a traveling salesman visited the Alfred Shaker village, taking advance subscriptions for a history of York County, Maine.’
    • ‘Born in October 1934 (David arrived ten minutes after Frederick), the twins were among ten children of a Scottish travelling salesman and his wife in west London.’
    • ‘There is only one way for a westerner to visit a capsule hotel without looking conspicuous but that involves having lived a previous life as a Japanese travelling salesman with a poor expense account.’
    • ‘Similar, if somewhat warmer, hospitality is offered to particular travelling salesmen who visit the community regularly.’
    • ‘Corporate clients, bridal parties, race-goers, tourists, travelling salesmen, tweed-suited ladies who lunch, all are warmly welcomed here.’
    • ‘Its concern to preserve local jobs for locals even led it to place a ban on door-to-door canvassing by travelling salesmen.’
    • ‘Well, Tom, you do travel a lot as a traveling salesman.’
    • ‘He openly admits that he has problems focusing on any one thing - a tendency reflected in a varied job history that includes stints as an accountant and a travelling salesman.’
    • ‘They reminisce about the transformation of Gregor from a clerk to a successful traveling salesman, bringing home mountains of hard cash for the family's pleasure.’
    • ‘Back then, before the motorway was open, the inns were full every night with travelling salesmen, goods drivers and anyone else who happened to be making the slow journey from north to south, or east to west by Anglia, Sunbeam or Riley.’
    • ‘Even the company restaurant takes the name ‘Pedlars’ in recognition of the travelling salesman who played such a vital part in its origins.’
    seller, salesperson, salesman, saleswoman, dealer, trader, tradesman, retailer, shopkeeper, shopman, shop girl, shop boy, sales assistant, assistant, wholesaler, merchant, trafficker, purveyor, supplier, stockist, marketer, marketeer, sales representative, door-to-door salesman, travelling salesman, commercial traveller
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traveling salesman

/ˈtrav(ə)liNG ˈsālzmən/