Definition of traveling people in US English:

traveling people

plural noun

  • People whose lifestyle is nomadic, for example Gypsies (a term typically used by such people of themselves).

    • ‘One council official told the Yorkshire Post he believes there is ‘a hell of a lot of prejudice’ against travelling people, but some of it is deserved.’
    • ‘For a lot of us the foot and mouth epidemic was a really hard situation, both for the travelling people and the settled people.’
    • ‘Ironic, then, that after over 70 years of so-called progress in Colin's lifetime, the travelling people of Scotland have fewer rights, less respect and less place in the community than they have ever had.’
    • ‘The prejudice against travelling people is real, insidious, and is inculcated from earliest childhood.’
    • ‘He suspected that these songs were still being sung in the rural areas of Scotland and especially among the travelling people.’
    • ‘The travelling people came and went leaving a trail of unwanted clothes.’
    • ‘The point is that it doesn't matter where travelling people come from or whether they are separate ethnically; whether they were economic refugees or whether they were persecuted.’
    • ‘To the extent, however, that the word gypsies is applied to all travelling people who move around the country in caravans, this wider group did not constitute a racial group.’
    • ‘We're travelling people and never stay anywhere long enough for them get any medical care.’
    • ‘Nottinghamshire has a long history with travelling people.’
    • ‘Residents are well-used to travelling people, but have complained vociferously about this particular group.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It's obviously something that the university needs to make sure the whole community is aware of, as it is a community of travelling people.’’
    • ‘Duncan Williamson was brought up among travelling people, whose oral traditions he kept for may years before recording them for the sound archives of the School of Scottish Studies.’
    • ‘Most of the features that featured in the old-time Puck press coverage were still in place such as the 72-hour pub opening and the colourful caravans of the travelling people which lined up along the Killarney road.’
    • ‘The Furey family were genuine travelling people and life was happy but beset with hardship.’
    • ‘Before that, travelling people didn't worry about school.’
    • ‘The photos suggest origins and destinations and all the points in between where traveling people come to rest.’
    • ‘In far off days when the travelling people camped under the hedges down the road, and when there was no state relief for such people, he and his people gave of their farm produce to sustain them.’
    • ‘A pioneering scheme to take vital health services to homeless and travelling people has been launched in York.’
    • ‘The priest said that travelling people were often the victims of hostile reactions, but we should all live together as a community.’
    gypsy, romany, tzigane, didicoi
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