Definition of traveler's tale in US English:

traveler's tale


  • A story about the unusual characteristics or customs of a foreign country, regarded as probably exaggerated or untrue.

    • ‘At home, the exotic and forbidden sexual performance found in these destinations is experienced vicariously, mediated through advertisements, media, and returning travelers' tales.’
    • ‘‘There are travelers' tales from about 1839 reporting Zulu accounts that ‘elephants gently warm their brains with fermented fruits,’ Morris said.’
    • ‘And like the bazaars of the East, long the staple attractions of the traveller's tale, the many colours, sights and sounds of the city signify everything vibrant and diverse - an emblem of what life at its best should be.’
    • ‘A lot of travellers by-pass the obvious tourist sites because they don't make good travellers' tales.’
    • ‘One man claimed the inscription was a traveller's tale, but a very vast majority of scholars agree with the Ten Commandment translation.’
    • ‘In the first place, the discovery of new lands, broadcast in popular travellers' tales, showed up the geographical limitations of the biblical world-view.’
    • ‘She crams it with stories from so many sources that it resembles a medieval traveler's tale, indiscriminately conflating fact and rumor.’
    • ‘I have read about 5 bed-roomed vicarages, but I don't really believe they exist, except in some fabled travellers' tales of Somewhere Else.’
    • ‘The wildly off-base translations found on shop signs, menus and street and public information signs the world over are a staple of travellers' tales.’
    • ‘It is all hugely enjoyable stuff, a scientific traveller's tale, written on a vast scale.’
    • ‘Besides, the many exotic trapping of these stories, sketched on a canvas that stretches backwards in time and space, give these the universal appeal of the traveller's tale.’
    • ‘Britain's fascination with India, judged by the ongoing demand for travellers' tales from the subcontinent, must work wonders for the Indian tourist industry.’
    • ‘It's hard to get the full picture over the internet and from a few travellers' tales, but it seems that the situation hadn't changed that much even recently.’
    • ‘The frustrations of those wishing to visit Bangalore from cities like Seattle or San Jose have become the stuff of travellers' tales.’
    • ‘They usually combined journalising with public lectures here and were able to compare the country with other places on world tours, feeding the still burgeoning market (with rising literacy) for travellers' tales.’
    • ‘Find out the top ten airports around the globe for sleeping in; read travellers' tales of snoozing on the run; get airport sleeping tips and the week's best and worst.’
    • ‘The Chinese had never heard of the West until the fifteenth century except for travelers' tales.’
    • ‘Of solitaires there are only travelers' tales and sketches, and a few bones [found in the caves of the limestone platform of the island].’
    • ‘The exotic is fascinating, but my examples are no more than travelers' tales unless we use them to discover - and be enriched by - the strangeness that lies closer to home.’
    • ‘The book has the feel of a traveler's tale, a seaman's yarn, all 500-plus pages of it.’
    story, tale, anecdote, fable, parable, traveller's tale, fairy story, rigmarole, saga, sketch, narrative, reminiscence, account, report, history
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