Definition of traveler's check in US English:

traveler's check


  • A check for a fixed amount that can be cashed or used in payment after endorsement with the holder's signature.

    • ‘Stash a small amount of cash or traveler's checks at home in a place where you can get at the money quickly in case of a sudden evacuation, or if a disaster shuts down local ATMs and banks.’
    • ‘Will is someone who has come into an unfeasible amount of money, and whose hand will come to ache from writing his signature on traveller's cheques.’
    • ‘You have cleverly converted most of your cash into traveler's checks.’
    • ‘The bureaus are also obliged to advertise a single buy and a single sell rate for each currency and will be fined if they advertise an exchange rate for traveller's cheques when such cheques are actually not accepted.’
    • ‘Both bookstores will accept payment in cash, traveler's checks, personal checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express for the amount of purchase.’
    • ‘Who wants to faff around with exchanging traveller's cheques for cash when you're itching to go and lie on the beach or enjoy a leisurely lunch at the Costa Blanca cafe?’
    • ‘In this day and age, there is no real need to take vast quantities of cash or even traveller's cheques with you.’
    • ‘‘I had problems cashing my traveller's cheques, the banks were closed and, for four days, I had no currency,’ said Alex.’
    • ‘Students are generally exempt from fees for withdrawing money, replacing lost ATM and credit cards, commission on traveller's cheques, and changing foreign currency.’
    • ‘Use traveler's checks and cash - of course, you won't use them for all your purchases, but they sure work great if you've got an emergency and you can't, for some reason, use your credit cards.’
    • ‘This can be done using traveller's cheques, credit cards or cash.’
    • ‘The next day was spent getting our visas and trying to find somewhere to cash our traveller's cheques which proved extraordinarily difficult.’
    • ‘What's more, all bank drafts, money orders, and traveler's checks of $3,000 or more had to be reported.’
    • ‘Tickets, passport, cash, traveler's checks, and itinerary are all where I can't lose or forget them.’
    • ‘The card is being marketed as a more convenient option for the customer, compared to carrying cash or traveller's cheques.’
    • ‘Drivers will accept cash, all major credits cards, and traveler's checks.’
    • ‘Traveller's cheques are a very secure option when travelling abroad - if they are stolen you can cancel them with one simple phone call and arrange for replacement traveller's cheques.’
    • ‘Put your ticket, passport, credit card, traveller's cheques and essential numbers in here and fasten it tightly around your waist or thigh.’
    • ‘However, if you feel safer having some traveller's cheques while travelling, remember to order them two days in advance of your departure date.’
    • ‘Cash may be exchanged and traveler's checks may be cashed for local currency on-board the ship.’


traveler's check

/ˈtrav(ə)lərz ˌCHek/