Definition of travel writer in US English:

travel writer


  • A person who writes about places they have visited and their experiences while traveling.

    ‘an article about Hebron by the acclaimed travel writer Dervla Murphy’
    • ‘One of New York's finest journalists and travel writers zoomed into old York this week and was "blown away" by all that the city had to offer.’
    • ‘The intrepid clergyman's daughter makes the anaemic offerings of modern travel writers read like extended holiday brochures.’
    • ‘She also teaches classes about newspapers and works extensively as a freelance travel writer and photographer.’
    • ‘Genuine travel writers will understand the difference between translation and equivalency and appreciate that when it comes to an adaptation, this is as good as it gets.’
    • ‘He could have made an excellent living as a travel writer or descriptive journalist.’
    • ‘Even the most tolerant travel writers hate most hotel cabarets, perhaps for no other reason than that they never like to be mistaken for tourists.’
    • ‘The capital was once described by a travel writer as "repulsively spick and span".’
    • ‘The popular travel writer has put down his passport and instead taken a very entertaining voyage into the past.’
    • ‘There are travel writers who know that the most fascinating aspect of any place is their presence in it.’
    • ‘The travel writer should be knowledgeable but not an expert, open in mind and body to the unforeseen twists of serendipity.’