Definition of trashy in US English:


adjectivetrashier, trashiest

  • (especially of items of popular culture) of poor quality.

    ‘trashy novels and formulaic movies’
    • ‘They want to stress that it looks trashy if you wear the shortest skirts and look tacky.’
    • ‘It was a pity that such wretched, trashy, horrible publications could not be stopped.’
    • ‘Propped up on the orange juice jug in front of her was a thin, trashy romance novel.’
    • ‘He had read enough trashy fantasy novels to know that castles didn't have electricity.’
    • ‘Where footnotes are concerned, it's a bit like trashy novels or violent films.’
    • ‘Hollywood idols are the gods of today, trashy tabloids and offensive pictorial covers can attest to that.’
    • ‘And I do like watching trashy movies, things you wouldn't normally admit to.’
    • ‘Old soldiers never die, they live on to settle outstanding scores in their trashy memoirs.’
    • ‘This is her way of countering criticism of her books as gossipy, trashy hack-work with poor sourcing.’
    • ‘Exploitation movies are often criticized as trashy, but poor taste is an elitist concept.’
    • ‘And the Thriller-like corpse of my trashy, teenage self has risen from the dead and is doing a little dance inside me.’
    • ‘Although the plot is trashy and derivative, this film has some merit as a brutally effective series of gore and shocks.’
    • ‘It's very entertaining to watch and read, and cheaper even than a trashy romance novel.’
    • ‘For others it's a certain type of bubble bath, a much-watched DVD or a collection of trashy novels.’
    • ‘This is no longer only the obsession of trashy magazines and tabloids.’
    • ‘It was the sort of old fashioned love that silly girls read about in those trashy novels.’
    • ‘Will it be out with trashy makeover and reality shows and in with quality programming?’
    • ‘Damn our trashy, hypocritical, out-of-date British newspapers, and the foolish people who buy them!’
    • ‘It's all very trashy and pathetic with court rooms and smashed chairs.’
    • ‘The frame is eye-blindingly bright in trashy neon yellow and the soft thermal lens is tinted orange for your viewing pleasure.’
    substandard, below standard, below par, bad, deficient, defective, faulty, imperfect, inferior, mediocre
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