Definition of trappings in English:


plural noun

  • 1The outward signs, features, or objects associated with a particular situation, role, or thing.

    ‘I had the trappings of success’
    • ‘He was a man who never learned to quit, a man who always sought success in his undertakings but never the trappings of success.’
    • ‘However, it lacks most of the trappings usually associated with the genre.’
    • ‘Here there were many final reminders of how people live here with few material trappings.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I bought into all the trappings that money and success, you know, could buy.’
    • ‘Even so, he is not totally immune to the trappings of success.’
    • ‘So who are we to condemn the materialistic trappings of our stars?’
    • ‘Of course I've got all the trappings of success, but it hurts when friends treat me like some circus freak.’
    • ‘I've spent the last few years acquiring the trappings and signs of the middle class.’
    • ‘Yet, despite all these trappings of success and personal happiness, of late he has been questioning exactly where his own life is going.’
    • ‘The title refers to New Zealanders who have forsaken material trappings and joined the Buddhist faith.’
    • ‘Today, she couldn't care less about the trappings of success.’
    • ‘They undermined the social hierarchy even as they left its outward trappings intact.’
    • ‘Have you ever wanted to live in a rural setting, yet enjoy all trappings associated with living in the heart of the town?’
    • ‘Her diaries and letters reveal a woman determined to succeed as a singer and who was chuffed with her success and the trappings that came with it.’
    • ‘There is a message in the serial: too many people dream of a fast car, a big house, and all the material trappings.’
    • ‘Do tourists bring more than this to see the Queen and the associated trappings?’
    • ‘He deserves his financial success and the trappings of wealth that come from working hard.’
    • ‘In a sense, his undoing was the fact that he made no secret of how he revelled in success and its trappings.’
    • ‘My father, a flamboyant millionaire, enjoyed spending his money on toys and the trappings of success.’
    • ‘While distinctly fleshy now, sporting all the trappings of wealth and success, he still pushes life to its limit.’
    accessories, trimmings, frills, accompaniments, extras, ornaments, ornamentation, adornment, decoration
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    1. 1.1 A horse's ornamental harness.
      • ‘It also includes used animal trappings such as harnesses, saddles, halters, reins, rope and chain.’
      • ‘Want a parade saddle, complete with scrolled pewter trappings and conchos?’
      • ‘Founded in Seville in 1892, El Caballo is a manufacturer of harnesses and leather trappings.’
      • ‘We freed the horses from their trappings, and I went about setting up our camp.’


Late Middle English: derivative of trap.