Definition of trapes in US English:


verb & noun

  • archaic spelling of traipse
    • ‘Yep, just like Jane Goodall, here's my mom trapesing around the jungle to observe the gorillas.’
    • ‘You are trapesing aimlessly through the the already too crowded streets.’
    • ‘Only downside is location which can be a little tiring after trapesing around the city - like some other reviews, not impressed with the city and definitely over hyped…’
    • ‘‘I'd spent months trapesing around the country in search of new talent and here I meet a group in a broken down truck in my own home town’.’
    • ‘I spent a week in Todi, and several days trapesing around Tuscany, Rome, Naples and Pompeii.’
    • ‘The boys cluelessly trapesed through the ever-watching undergrowth, the roots snagging at their feet, the leaves lightly slapping their faces, one eyed crows nesting in Gabor's beautiful locks.’
    • ‘She was trapesing around the world with backpack in tow while I was still struggling to be me in my own backyard.’
    • ‘How many of us would have gone to watch Cardiff or trapesed up to Brum to watch one of the Midlands clubs.’
    • ‘It's a remarkably intimate building which, for tourists more used to trapesing through palaces and the like, makes it much easier to imagine Thompson at work, especially in the tiny study.’
    • ‘I was hosting an open house and the usual neighbors came trapesing through out of curiosity.’
    • ‘This isn't the sort of documented info gathered by trapesing around after her with a video cam.’
    • ‘Then we trapesed along the river and across the field to another small woodlot.’