Definition of transversely in US English:



  • See transverse

    • ‘One fruit was cut transversely to form five pairs of flat equatorial transects and these were rinsed briefly with water to remove cell-content residues from the cut surfaces.’
    • ‘Therefore, with the muscles arranged diagonally, the skin can be stretched longitudinally and transversely without elongating them.’
    • ‘Company maintenance people actually weld a series of parallel steel-plate strips, set 2 in. apart, transversely across the exterior bottom surface of the bucket.’
    • ‘Transfer the profiteroles to a cutting board, cut in half transversely, and set aside on a parchmentlined sheet pan, and sprinkle the profiterole tops with confectioners' sugar.’
    • ‘A removable partition divided this area transversely into two 30-cm long sections such that the heat source fell in equal portions either side of the division.’