Definition of transversal in US English:



  • (of a line) intersecting a system of lines.

    • ‘After storage, thick transversal sections were made with a razor blade.’
    • ‘A faint transversal line may indicate the posterior border of the seventh sternite.’
    • ‘Arrowheads indicate the planes of the transversal cuts in panels (A) and (B).’
    • ‘Radiating and transversal markings common on internal surface of valves or on steinkerns.’
    • ‘Indeed, the electron microscopy pictures of the transversal cuts show this last organization and demonstrate the embodiment of the nanotubes.’
    crosswise, crossways, cross, diagonal, horizontal, oblique, athwart
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  • A transversal line.

    • ‘From the vertices of ABC drop perpendiculars on the transversal.’
    • ‘A partnership who manage to erase all three of their strokes before the other side have erased any get a monk's cross, which counts as two crosses and is chalked with two transversals.’
    • ‘First, as stated above, local water wires formed transversal, rather than perpendicular, to the membrane.’
    • ‘The construction consisted of orthogonals, transversals, horizon line and vanishing point.’


Late Middle English (as a synonym of transverse): from medieval Latin transversalis, from Latin transversus ‘lying across’.