Definition of transvaluation in US English:



  • See transvalue

    • ‘The point is a tremendous transvaluation of style under the sign of irony, plus or minus ‘profound’ psychological instability of representation.’
    • ‘As they see it, this countercultural refusal to belong suggests a massive - Nietzschean - transvaluation of social values and, hence, an insistence on other forms of belonging.’
    • ‘A social identity entails for Locke the positive valuation of an interest, an affective feeling, a method of representation, and a system or process of continual transvaluation of symbols.’
    • ‘The ‘infusion’ (if you like it) or ‘infection’ (if you don't) of wealth- and success-mindedness has produced a transvaluation of values.’
    • ‘The notion that marriage was to be based on romantic rather than rational love indicates a transvaluation of human sentiments.’