Definition of transpierce in US English:



[with object]literary
  • Pierce through (someone or something)

    ‘with a shower of arrowy death-pangs he transpierced me’
    • ‘The shafts of light transpierce the sequences and bold, architectural structure.’
    • ‘Her transpierced vocal chords emitted a slight squeak as her mind registered the fact that she was immovably entangled and impaled more than twenty times.’
    • ‘A plethora of other problems transpierce him in every part of his being, however, like St. Sebastian's arrows; and the countenance that he raises to the unseeing skies is likewise that of a martyr.’
    pierce, puncture, make a hole in, put a hole in, stab, perforate, rupture, riddle, penetrate, nick, spear, slit, incise, knife, bore, spike, skewer, spit, stick, punch, pin, needle, jag, jab
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