Definition of transmontane in US English:



  • another term for tramontane
    • ‘A burgeoning industry in reproductive prints during the previous decades allowed artists north of the Alps to gain exposure to transmontane developments even if they never made the pilgrimage.’
    • ‘Open chaparral, often a transmontane desert phase, is the preferred U.S. habitat of this herbaceous perennial.’
    • ‘The need for securing transmontane water for use on Colorado's eastern slope became evident during the latter nineteenth century.’
    • ‘There are three floristic areas to be considered, the cismontane area between coast and mountains, the montane areas, and the transmontane area on the inland side of the mountains.’
    • ‘The author reminds us that the French king had even manoeuvred the very election of Bertrand de Got to the papal throne as Pope Clement V, using his many transmontane cardinals.’