Definition of transmigrator in US English:



  • See transmigrate

    • ‘Buddhas do not wash away ill deeds with water, nor remove transmigrators sufferings with their hands, nor transfer their realizations to others.’
    • ‘At present the government has been providing rations to 27,000 Bengali - speaking families who live in cluster villages since 1978 when they were taken in the hills as transmigrators.’
    • ‘In Japan, Jizo is the much loved form of the Bodhisattva of the underworld; he is the emanation of compassion which guides and protects transmigrators into and out of life.’
    • ‘As he started in rearranging the foliage on the wreath he signaled the waiting transmigrator operator to telegraph the bottle back to The Ship.’
    • ‘On each of its four facades is the now famous and often parodied inscription a nation of poets, artists, heroes, saints, thinkers, scientists, navigators, and transmigrators.’