Definition of transmigration in US English:



  • See transmigrate

    • ‘In other teachings the doctrine of transmigration went with an elaborate view of the spiritual cosmos within which transmigration occurs.’
    • ‘Naturally, he regarded the pagan Platonists as mistaken in accepting polytheism, everlasting world-cycles, and the transmigration of souls.’
    • ‘Karma regulates the reincarnation and transmigration of the soul, Sikhism links Karma with the doctrine of Grace.’
    • ‘The school of materialism called the Charvaka (also called Lokayat) did not believe in the cycle of rebirth and transmigration.’
    • ‘Aren't you hinting at soul and its transmigration?’
    • ‘The ultimate result of this transmigration from one body to the next is that we have tied one more knot in the rope of attachment which binds us to this material world.’