Definition of translucence in US English:



  • See translucent

    • ‘Different terms applied to opaque and translucent red, and special terms described translucence itself.’
    • ‘Legends of the discovery of glass have someone sitting on the sand beside last night's fire picking up a pitted, opaque greyish stone and discovering its hardness and translucence.’
    • ‘It also had a translucence about it, but not as much as described by some art critics in the press, the material was a lot thicker than the PVC they described, it was more like rubber.’
    • ‘OK, you sauté the onions in a thin coating of oil or butter, but to translucence, not caramelization.’
    • ‘But, the spreading of colours to get the effect of translucence or transparency should be done before the material absorbs the colour.’